Love Song #1015

I would say I’m pretty.

But ducking mirrors isn’t accidental,

There’s scars on my temples that aren’t ornamental.


I would say I’m raw.

That my flesh needs the warmth of yours to subsist,

But I’m just a child, and children persist.


I would say I’m fulfilled.

But patience and loving is all in the past,

I fought the riptide and sunk at half-mast.


But your smile was enough.

Had you held it a moment I would have forgot,

The heartbreak, the anguish, to hell with the lot.




And I thought we were immutable,

I thought we built a home. 

Now you echo through my vacant walls 

And I cannot help but hear.  


I wrote something recently
I don’t know if you got the chance to see it,
It was marked with jealousy
And for the life of me I couldn’t shake it.
I broke something the other day
I don’t know if you got the chance to feel it,
If rocks once flowed together
Do we now not consider them whole?


I haven’t found the time to reach out lately,
I know, I know,
It’s tough getting away.

I haven’t found the nerve to make love lately,
She knows, she knows,
But wonders if I’m okay.

I haven’t found the might to laugh lately,
You know, you know,
This heightened disarray.

I haven’t found the heart to praise God lately,
He knows, He knows,
It seems I’ve lost my way.

I haven’t found the need to use words this way,
We know, we know,
The feeling’s probably here to stay.