I wrote something recently
I don’t know if you got the chance to see it,
It was marked with jealousy
And for the life of me I couldn’t shake it.
I broke something the other day
I don’t know if you got the chance to feel it,
If rocks once flowed together
Do we now not consider them whole?


I haven’t found the time to reach out lately,
I know, I know,
It’s tough getting away.

I haven’t found the nerve to make love lately,
She knows, she knows,
But wonders if I’m okay.

I haven’t found the might to laugh lately,
You know, you know,
This heightened disarray.

I haven’t found the heart to praise God lately,
He knows, He knows,
It seems I’ve lost my way.

I haven’t found the need to use words this way,
We know, we know,
The feeling’s probably here to stay.

Trying Difference

I might fit the bill.
I walk to the window and open the grill
I’m heavy on liquors Irishmen distill.

Believe me, I’m brave.
Her shirt slips away
There’s ink on her shoulders that finds its own way.

He prays for his sister.
Slumped in a corner she pleads for assistance
Called him last night then fucked with the system.

You caught my attention.
You fought me for love and broke through these fences
Hundreds of multiplicities you never dare mention.

Most people don’t care.
She resumes a hundred-year-old affair
And facts rain down on waterproof ears.

I find this pretentious.
I looked through your past and know you’re relentless
I’m thinking in voices that spread like infections.

He probably think she’s kind.
She fights for a place in his mind
Contingency plans for a place that she primed.

We fucked with the system.
Lurking and stalking we end up with blisters
If you look t0o hard you might even miss them.